Tattoo Aftercare

Congratulations! You have had a tattoo put on you by one of our dedicated and talented artists. Now it is your responsibility to ensure your tattoo holds its day one quality by performing the correct aftercare for the next two weeks.

Leave the bandage on for one to three hours, but not until you have the proper materials to begin cleaning. After removing the bandage you will see a light film of plasma, meaning your tattoo is on its way to happy healing already! Use unscented or fragrance free soap (Dial or any orange antimicrobial soap will do) and warm to bearably hot water to wash your new tattoo until all residual secretions and plasma are gone. Pat dry with a disposable paper towel, and apply the lightest coat of Aquaphor possible so that there is no shine or glare over the tattoo. If you apply a thick coat and leave it on, it will not allow the skin to breathe, leading to heavier scabbing and damage to the tattoo. A thick application will also allow unknown variables in your environment such as pet dander or clothing lint to stick to the tattoo, which in effect is unsanitary. This is also why you don't let the Aquaphor sit on the tattoo for longer than a minute, since the tattoo will be well moisturized by that point. Then take a moist paper towel and gently wipe or dab any excess ointment off. Do this three times a day for a week, switching the second week to Lubriderm or any unscented aloe vera lotion three times a day.

What to expect: Depending on anything from how big or intricate your tattoo is to your aftercare follow-through, you can expect light to moderate scabbing or flakingof the skin. If it is a colorful or heavily saturated tattoo, this will be more prominent in the healing process. Do not peel or pick at your tattoo or the design will be blemished. Do not repetitively run your hand over or touch your tattoo. IT enhances the chance it could get irritated during the healing phase. During the second week, pigments may become ashy or faint whenever your skin is dehydrated. The true color of your tattoo will be final after 14-21 days depending on your healing. Before two weeks, or until your tattoo looks smooth and fully healed, do not submerge your tattoo in any body of water other than for bathing purposes. Also do not let your healing tattoo get sunburned before the healing interval is finished. This will affect how it looks after healing and can distort pigment greatly.

Thank you for sharing the experience of getting a tattoo with us, and happy healing!